Minty Start

Hello my beloveds.

Well, more than just hi, I should say…



It has been how many years? I believe 3 isn’t it?

My, how the time flies. I can’t believe I am sitting here typing out words to a blog I started exactly 3 years ago this day. (yes, it’s our anniversary hu hu hu)


I honestly have to say though, I don’t even know why I decided to log into my blog today of all days. Coincidence I believe, but the fact that today was in fact a special day made me a little bit nostalgic.

I spent a good amount of time going over our previous blog posts, some of our favorites, and some of yours too.

It was depressing a little seeing how horrible I was with writing (not that I am any better now but I mean I should be right…?)
ehhhhhhh soooo what I wanted to say was…

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5/26 Quote of the Day

“In my experience, anybody besides your mom that feeds you is going to want something in exchange for it.”

― Karen Marie Moning, Iced (Dani O’Malley #1)

It’s a little bit depressing that we can’t fully trust anyone besides our parents in this world…. On a lighter note, it shows that we love our parents to bits and pieces! ❤

-Cinnamon Roll. 

To Save Someone

In this world, there is always someone who needs help.


In the movie Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa, the poor farmers are the ones in need. My English class is watching this movie in class and although it’s quite an old movie for us young ones to like much, I understood why our teacher said that this is his favorite movie.

But before I talk about anything, I would like to introduce to you someone.

robot leg kim sa jin 2

Name: Kim Sejin

Alias: Robot leg boy

Job: national swim representative (handicap)

Age: 15

This boy was born with no legs, and two fingers on one hand.  His real parents left him at an orphanage. His adopted mother took great care of him and trained him to walk with the mechanical legs, and soon, he was able to walk. He began to practice swimming, saying that he “felt as if [he] was floating, flying”. He was really talented and devoted, and with great practice, became part of the national handicap team, in the Olympics. At a young age, he had a smart mind- to be able to publish his own book.

However, it wasn’t all easy. His mother taught him not to stand up and walk, but to fall. “You need to learn to fall and get back up” his mother had said to him.

When he was much younger, someone asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.

“I want to become human”

His life was hard. Kids at school were making fun of him for being a robot. Some older group of kids dragged him to the bathroom and hammered his leg to pieces. Yes, he couldn’t feel his legs. But he had to walk all the way back home with no legs, blood dripping, heart torn to pieces.

A couple of days ago, as I walked out of Costco with my mom, I saw an old grandpa with a hunch back. It wasn’t a hunch in the middle of his back. His spine had stuck out to the left and up, so as if his shoulder blade is the one that’s sticking out.

There are many people in this world with handicaps like the poor ol’ gramps and the robot boy.

So many people who struggle to live, wishing for an angel to come and help them. In the movie Seven Samurai, the farmers are deprived of food, their families killed, their lives on the brink of death.

Think about it. If you haven’t eaten food for ages, your family are all dead, and you feel the evil men, lurking behind your door, waiting to pounce on you any moment, wouldn’t you be scared?

If you ate a great warm feast, laughed a lot, walked out, and saw a poor kid, sitting on the cement, with one arm gone, wouldn’t you feel bad? I definitely would. At times like this when I am reminded of these people, I wish I was a millionaire and spend a couple of years around the world to help poor people- clothe them, take them to advance technological hospitals, educate them, wash them, place them in nice living conditions, and of course, feed them. I would personally take lessons from the world most famous chef(s), and of course, my mom who knows how to make scratch and nothing in the refrigerator into something worth serving to the queen. Then I would take gigantic groups of people and feed them all. Buffet style until they cannot stuff themselves anymore. image

To save someone will be a great feeling. As if you’ve just received a Medal of Honor. You know~

And speaking of saving someone, I recently heard a song that struck my heart. Soldier by Gavin Degraw, this song portrayed my heart.

“When you get worried, I’ll be your soldier”

It touched me- knowing that someone in this world has the same feeling, and it made me feel like I could connect with them through this song.

“When you’re thirsty, I’ll be rain”

I smiled at this part. I know my nickname isn’t Rain because I wanted to be the one who saves world, but I do love rain. When it rains, I feel happy, refreshed, clean, and beautiful. When I heard this sentence it made me feel like others love rain too. Not a lot of people like rain, and I felt like this showed the world that rain is as important as the sun.

-Raining Chocolate

4/10 Quote of the Day

“We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.”

– Alfred E. Newman

And we are living in a world today where perfumes are made of tea extracts and tea extracts have chemicals that have a possibility of being used in perfumes…

I know, I have green tea perfume.

-Raining Chocolate