Sickness is SOOO last year

Put your hands up if you were annoyed at the timing in which you got sick.

Ok that’s about… all of you.

You know, I feel like being sick is the worst thing that can happen. It usually puts me in a dilemma, or just in the worst situation ever. Timing wise- horrific.

I used to not get sick at all. Most of the time, it was once every two years or so, a big flu that attacks and goes away. It was never of much significance because I was young, school wasn’t hard to catch up, and I usually had my mom check up on me every hour. Now, I get it frequently, light colds, but with the tendency to drag along for a very long time. A day of school missed is basically worth 3 days to catch up on my own. So I can’t miss a lot of school, and I try not to, but sometimes, I feel like the timing is just…perfect. It seemed like every time I got sick, a class had the longest amount of notes, or a pop quiz, or a test, or an important discussion. If only I could choose a day on my own to get sick, I would go for the days we don’t do anything.

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Fill My Hunger

12 O’Clock, sitting in front of my computer, my eyes can’t stop turning towards the kitchen, my stomach begging me for something to eat. The angel on my right side reminded me of my weight, that each kg lost is 1/2 a foot closer to my goal jump. The devil on my left was telling me of the satisfaction that I will get when I fill my stomach with the goodies.

photo (1)


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5/10 Quote of the Day

“Subdue your appetites, my dears, and you’ve conquered human nature.”

-Charles Dickens (1812 – 1870)

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to conquer human nature then…. My stomach is something all on it’s own sometimes. Hehe ^^ When it’s hungry, it’s HUNGRY. And then people near by turn around after hearing growls as loud as a lion’s. I’m… sorry? I CAN’T HELP IT THOUGH


-Cinnamon Roll. 

Stressed About Food

Have you ever had a time when you’re in the middle of studying or reading, or anything academic, and your stomach starts complaining? You try to ignore it and work your brains and neurons but your stomach goes from complaint to riots to war? well it happened to me a lot of times. Too many to the point where I stop and wonder, is my brain the actual control center or is it my stomach? Because right now, my stomach declares new emperor of the kingdom of my body. I try to cool down its temper by drinking water, but it still doesn’t work. I try chewing gum and for a while, it is still, but the second the flavor runs out, it fires up again. What to do?


If it was the weekends and it was in the middle of the day, I would LOVE to go grab a large hamburger and eat it, but of course, it has to be in the middle of the night, or am too busy with homework, or I’m in a super lazy mode. If ONLY I had a butler who would serve me something delicious like…


Ooh, the sweet and soft chocolate dessert topped with gold dust… yea…right.

or maybe I can ask someone to take me to cheese cake factory to get their special cheese cake. Oh, how wonderful it seems…

ImageBut. I still can’t go out.

So what to do?

First of all,

Stop thinking about it.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about food, my stomach gets wacko on me.

From here, it depends on you: if you should eat or shouldn’t eat.

If you should eat, then the best thing to do is just eat whatever is in your kitchen.

Try not to aim for the ones that are more fattening and more sweet, but something healthy, like any fruits or vegetables. Bananas are always great.

One of my favorite things to snack is yogurt cereal. I put about 2 to 3 scoops of plain yogurt into a bowl. Add a couple teaspoons of honey, and stir. Then I add cereal (frosted flakes are the best with this) and stir. It’s very simple but its healthy and delicious too. If I have any fresh fruits, I chop them up into tiny pieces and put them in too.

There was also a super simple snack my mom taught us how to make if we wanted a snack.

you get a bowl of rice, and pour about half of a tablespoon of sesame oil into it. Then add a tablespoon of soy sauce. Then you place a fried egg on top of the rice and mix it real well. It’s really delicious. You can add other ingredients like chopped romaine lettuce, crumbled tofu, boiled spinach, leftover K-BBQ, etc. Get creative!

If you’re hungry but you shouldn’t eat, go brush your teeth.


No, I’m serious. Because you brush your teeth after you eat, your body is used to the pattern; eat, brush your teeth, eat, brush your teeth. So if your stomach is giving you problems, make it confused. If you brush your teeth, it then thinks that you ate something before and will stop being hungry.

-Raining Chocolate