My Experience

As a food lover, when I heard about the upcoming food fest held at my own school, I couldn’t not go. I left home at around 7 and got there at 7:05 (I live quite close), and man, it was packed! Blasting with a bouncy atmosphere given off by good food, good music, and good people, just walking through the entrance made me excited. The first thing I see may not be physical food, but food for my mind.

2013-03-21 19.05.09

It was a sign welcoming me to great things that were about to occur The fair was around the bowl area of the school with the open stage centered in the middle. As I progressed around the bowl, I saw many different kinds of things- from food, to games, to clothes!

2013-03-21 19.16.56

As time went by, the sky turned dark, the lights went on, and my camera decided to go blurry on me. -_- However, I still took pictures of what others were selling.

PicMonkey Collage 1

Ummm~~~ some of the food there were quite good. I couldn’t take all the pictures but here were some that I managed to take. There were also other foods like Ice cream sandwiches, root beer floats, pasta, fried rice, and so much more!

PicMonkey Collage 3

All this was being run by every little clubs in FVHS. Ranging from Korean club to Fashion club to even Bible club, all of these clubs came together to raise money for whatever they need later in the year.

PicMonkey Collage 4

This guy…was quite interesting.

When I walked into the center of the bowl area, he strutted past me as he forcefully cat-walked out of the bowl to his friend. Apparently, he was a member of the drama club who were selling…water bottles.

“Get your water bottles here! O my gosh these are SOOO good!”

Other members of the drama club walked around with a poster saying “Drama club   Water bottles: $2.50”. <- I’m not quite sure about the price but it was something like that.

The way they presented it to me, if I hadn’t known they were selling water bottles, I would have bought whatever they were selling. I would have almost believed fried worms were amazing.

That made me think- huh… maybe advertisement do make food sound good.

It’s like when I say, “Hot dogs! Just out of the grill! The smell and taste of the fresh hot dogs will remind you of those you eat at the mountains!”


you all groan and imagine a nicely grilled sausage link snugged on a warm toasty bun, topped with your choice of fine condiments, and as you take a bite of it, the ketchup and the meat juice oozes out from the corners of your mouth…

But then again, some might think it’s a nicely groomed dog.


PicMonkey Collage 2

Around 8, there were 2 great performances done at the bowl stage. One was sword dancing done by one of the fellow student at our school, and the other one was Hawaiian dancing.

I was SUPER disappointed when I couldn’t take any pictures but I will describe it as well as I can.

There was a big man with this AMAZING Hawaiian accent who played the drums. There were many girl dancers who came up and danced, and man…I did not know that hips and torsos could be disconnected. And then there were the men.

Face painted with black paint, wearing a evil frown that could make even the lions be tame, they slapped their chests and their thighs so hard I heard the slap loud and clear above the loud booming screams they let out.

It was a fun evening to spend and was I ever glad that I was there!  I can’t WAIT till next year to see what will be new this time!

-Raining Chocolate