Simple Yet Filling- Power of Food

Walking home from school- starving like crazy, and I open the fridge to see a welcoming (not) shiny green apple.

This apple aint gonna do nothing for my stomach. At all.

Ya feel?

What is it that I want? Not so big because I’m going to have dinner soon, but not so small as an apple because if I had to eat an apple, I would probably eat more like 10. Which is not so good.

I feel this way about my life after school, but how would the people during the dust bowl feel, working for 5 cents an hour, sometimes 2 and a half, and get nothing but fried dough for a meal? Ugh, I would not be able to survive.

Although fried dough is pretty good~ I mean, come on. It’s literally doughnuts. Just no sugar.


Oh, ahem.

ANYWAYS surviving on just fried dough is just a bit too much oil…


I was thinking, what if I could find a way for them to get a dollar amount (at that time) and make something that is good and also filling?

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Milk Chocolate Romeo and Marshmallow Juliet

You guys have all heard about the “power of love” right?

Love is so strong that nothing can break the bonds that connect the two lovers

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Meh. Well for us people, we love food.


“Juliet turned towards the direction of her love. ‘I can’t leave you! Yes, I have all the AP test and Finals and SATs and Job Applications, and my parents won’t allow me to be with you, but what can I do?’ She let out a big sigh and wiped her tears. She took her lover towards her heart and kissed it with the kisses so lovable, so soft, so as not to break the fragile face of the lover. ‘Please, don’t send me away. I love you! I will forever be with you!’ Juliet sniffled and took a small bite out of the luscious, velvet-like textured dark chocolate.

dark chocolate

When you’re depressed or tired of life, don’t you crave food? I do. Food is one thing that you can’t live without, and it sure makes us food lovers radiate with happiness~ How do you know if you’re a food lover? Well think with me. Have you ever gotten a ring pop and pretended it was a 6 carat diamond ring? Are you the kind of person who gives homemade goods to friends for their birthday or just because? Is the only time in school that you enjoy most is baking or cooking class or lunch? Do you always hang out at cafes and restaurants when you meet up with friends? Do you always fantasize about an amazing date with your lover at a fancy restaurant, swirling wine as you eat steak and watch the scenery of the sea? Are you picky about the looks and taste of the food? Do you love the look of raw meat with nice marbling? If so, then you’re definitely a food lover. It’s not about if you eat a lot or very little. In fact, some of the more picky food lovers are considered food haters because of their picky-ness of food. They just like specific kinds of food, mostly organic with no preservatives and chemicals.


Anyways, where was I? So. The power of love, nah,  the power of food. Food, keeps us strengthened, keep us happy, keep us alive. It’s the one thing we can’t live without. (I repeat. Well…besides water, but I still count that as food…) When I was down because of stress and lack of sleep, my friend handed me a piece of chocolate. Of course, she didn’t know that I was depressed or anything, she just had a bar and handed a piece to me. But that really made my day. The sweet chocolate melting in my mouth, just made me feel better. Before that, I had written on a slip of paper “When you’re down, all you need is a good ol’ lollipop”, rolled it up and tied it up with a ribbon, and threw it in a random teacher’s mailbox (I still don’t know who I gave it to) with a really sweet Korean lollipop.


Just thinking of what that teacher might have thought when he/she received it made me feel all warm inside. 🙂 Exactly the same feeling when you take a bite of the still hot lobster tail. *U*


-Raining Chocolate