Friends – They’re More Important Than You Think


Things that used to pop up in my head when I thought of the word ‘friend’ were someone that shares common interests with you, someone that makes you smile, and someone who makes your day great. It was someone who you can spend all day with and never be bored for a second. Someone who enjoys your company and really understands you. Someone who has seen your good side and your bad side and accepts you for who you are. Someone who’s been there when you needed a shoulder to cry on or a tight embrace. Someone who you respect and care for.

I thought that was all friends were for. However, when I began reading the book, The Count of Monte Cristo, I’ve added another pretty big reason that why we all need friends. It’s a crucial, yet simple reason why we depend so much on our friends that I’m actually a bit shocked I haven’t noticed this earlier. Friends cure us from our loneliness. They keep us from feeling isolated from others; from feeling that no one else in this world knows who I am.

A couple chapters into this book, an old man named Abbe Faria meets with the young main character, Edmond Dantes, after attempting to dig a hole through the walls to escape the prison they’ve both been stuck in for countless years. On their first meeting, Dantes throws his arms around Faria in happiness, despite not knowing anything about the man. This shows Dantes’ eagerness to have company after being all alone in his own cell for so long. Although they’re generations apart, they’ve found friendship through the common goal of escaping. They worked together for over a year in order to achieve that goal, and through that time, they’ve gotten closer. But through this time, Faria’s aging comes with a horrible illness, which gives him intense, crazy attacks. It is because of this that Faria tells Dantes to leave him there and to escape and be free. He sincerely insists that Dantes should go on his own, being strong and young. Dantes completely refuses though, not having an ounce of desire to go without his fellow companion. This new devotion shows how strong their friendship has grown, and also how much they don’t want to be lonely again.

“‘You’re my son!’ cried the old man. ‘You’re the child of my captivity. My profession condemned me to celibacy, but God sent you to me to console both the man who could not be a father and the prisoner who could not be free.'” Before Dantes met Faria, being alone in his prison cell dragged him into a state of depression and misery, where he even thought of suicide. In fact, he was in the process of starving himself when he heard Faria through the walls. If it wasn’t for Faria, then our main character, Dantes, would probably have died already. It’s hard to think about, but although this is a fictional work, this does happen in real life. People sink into depression and lose all hope in life. All they really need is help from a friend. A comforting hand, someone to just by their side and help them live their life. A little time and effort are all it takes.

-Cinnamon Roll.

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“When you first don’t succeed, try and try again.”

To be honest, I don’t like this saying too much. It’s overused. It’s gotten thrown around so many times that I don’t really want to use it anymore. But without it, I wouldn’t be able to describe my love for baking. Or basic movements for that matter, like walking. When I fell on the ground for the first time, I picked myself up and tried again. Even if I don’t remember any of it happening, I knew it occurred, because I can walk easily now on those same two feet. I find it amazing. And to think if I ever did give up on something the very first time I tried it, then I probably would’ve missed out.

Like baking. About a year ago, I had a horrible experience with baking. Since my parents usually store their pots and pans inside the oven, every time I wanted to bake, I had to make sure to bring all the cookware out before turning on the oven. One day, I forgot about the pans completely and preheated the oven. It wasn’t long until I started smelling this burning scent, but I ignored it. I figured it was probably just the oven preheating, that’s all. After 15 minutes or so, my father came into the kitchen and began inspecting the oven. He saw smoke come out from above it. He asked if I had anything inside, and still completely oblivious to the fact that all the pots and pans were heating up in there, I shook my head no. Once he opened it up for himself, heavy smoke filled the air. “How did you forget to take out the pots and pans?!” he yelled. “You could have burned the house down!” This huge amount of guilt washed over me. I apologized quickly, and helped my dad take out all the pots and pans out and into the backyard. There was even a small beginning of fire from pot wrapped around a cardboard box. A plastic lid melted completely and stuck onto the metal tray my mom kept in the oven. I felt horrible. The whole time I was carrying things out I thought of how stupid I was, and what I could do to make it up. I began to cry. I told myself I wouldn’t bake again, for fear that it might be worse next time. My dad forgave me, but I didn’t forgive myself.

It wasn’t until a month afterwards that I officially told my parents that I would give up on baking, because of all the trouble I caused from the last time I baked. They sat down with me and told me they forgive me, and not to be so hard on myself. They comforted me, saying they knew it was an accident and that everything was fine. They also said that I should continue to bake, and nothing little like this should stand in the way of my love for baking. It was because of that pep-talk that allowed me to look past that terrible experience and keep baking. I’m so happy that I was able to look past it, because if I didn’t, I would’ve lost something I loved to do.

That’s my little story on never giving up. I hope all you chickeneers out there won’t give up on what you love doing. If it makes you happy, don’t let anything stand in the way of it. Work hard and perfect your skill. Stay happy. 🙂

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-Post by Cinnamon Roll.