Fill My Hunger

12 O’Clock, sitting in front of my computer, my eyes can’t stop turning towards the kitchen, my stomach begging me for something to eat. The angel on my right side reminded me of my weight, that each kg lost is 1/2 a foot closer to my goal jump. The devil on my left was telling me of the satisfaction that I will get when I fill my stomach with the goodies.

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6/3 Quote of the Day

“Hunger makes you restless. you dream about food — not just any food, but perfect food, the best food, magical meals, famous and awe-inspiring, the one piece of meat, the exact taste of buttery corn, tomatoes so ripe they split and sweeten the air, beans so crisp they snap between the teeth, gravy like mother’s milk singing to your bloodstream.”

~Dorothy Allis

Whoever this lady is, I already love her. Her descriptions are way better than the way I try to put it. Ahhh~ the image I get when I read this quote- so delicious~

-Raining Chocolate

How Hungry ARE You?

It’s really fascinating how different your mood becomes when you’re extremely hungry. It’s like your body fills you with an overwhelming need to eat and regain energy. I, for one, go absolutely bonkers when I’m starving. I don’t think you’d want to see how I’d look, but it looks something like this:


So when I was reading Animal Farm, I couldn’t help but understand completely how angry the animals became when they weren’t fed.  Mr. Jones neglected them, forgetting to feed them all day, and I knew something bad was about to go down because of it. Then, when the animals rebelled and kicked Mr. Jones off of his farm, I was excited for the animals. Mr. Jones was a horrible, drunk farmer anyways, who needs him? Certainly no one. While reading this, I found many parallels between this book and the Russian Revolution of 1917. Mr. Jones symbolized the last Russian Czar, Nicholas II, who was also a bad ruler. A famine spread throughout Russia and food shortages got worse because of the World War. Because of the food shortages, people also got angry, like the animals did, and organized riots. The Duma soon abdicated the czar and the people soon fell under the rule of Lenin, then Stalin. Similarly, the animals soon fell under rule of Napoleon, who like Stalin, was a totalitarian ruler. Too bad the situation got worse for the animals, and not better.

In my English class, we also watched The Seventh Samurai. For those who don’t know, this Japanese movie is about a village of farmers who have been raided by bandits. These farmers are devastated, left with almost nothing to live for. They seek the help of samurais, who they believe can help against a future attack of the bandits. However, many samurais decline their offer, because the farmers have nothing to offer them besides a little bit of food every day. Fortunately though, through time they find a group of samurais willing to help them. The movie shows their process of preparing for a future attack, their struggle for survival in the process, as well the outcome when the attack eventually takes place. Fueled by hunger and misery, these farmers fight to their best ability alongside the samurais to defend their village. They actually have to starve themselves in order to provide enough food for their samurais. The samurais give their best efforts to defend the village as well, even though they know there will be no great wealth or honor as a reward for their services and there won’t be much food given by the farmers. Although this movie is a little dated, you should watch it if you haven’t already. It’s an amazing movie with an amazing plot and an amazing moral. Fight for what you’ve got and don’t let anyone step over you, no matter what situation you’re in. Help those in need, regardless what might be given as a reward. You should just do good deeds for the sake of doing good deeds. It’s the thought that counts.

So yeah, hunger cause you to do things you normally won’t do. For me and the animals in Animal Farm, hunger causes anger and agitation. For the farmers, it gives them a certain strength, a reason to defend their village from the bandits.

-Cinnamon Roll.  




Stressed About Food

Have you ever had a time when you’re in the middle of studying or reading, or anything academic, and your stomach starts complaining? You try to ignore it and work your brains and neurons but your stomach goes from complaint to riots to war? well it happened to me a lot of times. Too many to the point where I stop and wonder, is my brain the actual control center or is it my stomach? Because right now, my stomach declares new emperor of the kingdom of my body. I try to cool down its temper by drinking water, but it still doesn’t work. I try chewing gum and for a while, it is still, but the second the flavor runs out, it fires up again. What to do?


If it was the weekends and it was in the middle of the day, I would LOVE to go grab a large hamburger and eat it, but of course, it has to be in the middle of the night, or am too busy with homework, or I’m in a super lazy mode. If ONLY I had a butler who would serve me something delicious like…


Ooh, the sweet and soft chocolate dessert topped with gold dust… yea…right.

or maybe I can ask someone to take me to cheese cake factory to get their special cheese cake. Oh, how wonderful it seems…

ImageBut. I still can’t go out.

So what to do?

First of all,

Stop thinking about it.

I don’t know about you, but when I think about food, my stomach gets wacko on me.

From here, it depends on you: if you should eat or shouldn’t eat.

If you should eat, then the best thing to do is just eat whatever is in your kitchen.

Try not to aim for the ones that are more fattening and more sweet, but something healthy, like any fruits or vegetables. Bananas are always great.

One of my favorite things to snack is yogurt cereal. I put about 2 to 3 scoops of plain yogurt into a bowl. Add a couple teaspoons of honey, and stir. Then I add cereal (frosted flakes are the best with this) and stir. It’s very simple but its healthy and delicious too. If I have any fresh fruits, I chop them up into tiny pieces and put them in too.

There was also a super simple snack my mom taught us how to make if we wanted a snack.

you get a bowl of rice, and pour about half of a tablespoon of sesame oil into it. Then add a tablespoon of soy sauce. Then you place a fried egg on top of the rice and mix it real well. It’s really delicious. You can add other ingredients like chopped romaine lettuce, crumbled tofu, boiled spinach, leftover K-BBQ, etc. Get creative!

If you’re hungry but you shouldn’t eat, go brush your teeth.


No, I’m serious. Because you brush your teeth after you eat, your body is used to the pattern; eat, brush your teeth, eat, brush your teeth. So if your stomach is giving you problems, make it confused. If you brush your teeth, it then thinks that you ate something before and will stop being hungry.

-Raining Chocolate