Sickness is SOOO last year

Put your hands up if you were annoyed at the timing in which you got sick.

Ok that’s about… all of you.

You know, I feel like being sick is the worst thing that can happen. It usually puts me in a dilemma, or just in the worst situation ever. Timing wise- horrific.

I used to not get sick at all. Most of the time, it was once every two years or so, a big flu that attacks and goes away. It was never of much significance because I was young, school wasn’t hard to catch up, and I usually had my mom check up on me every hour. Now, I get it frequently, light colds, but with the tendency to drag along for a very long time. A day of school missed is basically worth 3 days to catch up on my own. So I can’t miss a lot of school, and I try not to, but sometimes, I feel like the timing is just…perfect. It seemed like every time I got sick, a class had the longest amount of notes, or a pop quiz, or a test, or an important discussion. If only I could choose a day on my own to get sick, I would go for the days we don’t do anything.

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6/12 Quote of the Day

I am going to be leaving for school early (hopefully) so I decided to post tomorrow’s post tonight rather than posting it later.

I hope y’all ok with that~


“An alcoholic is someone you don’t like who drinks as much as you do.”

~Dylan Thomas

You know, I don’t do alcohol (besides when I add it to food when I’m cooking) but I like this quote because I am sure we can all relate to this through a lot.

Food wise, we can say that

An obese person is someone who eats more than you.

I thought hey, that’s so true. And it’s true when we put this in terms with racism, sexism, and all the other discrimination.

lesson learned: just because one is different from you doesn’t mean that person is lower than you.