Minty Start

Hello my beloveds.

Well, more than just hi, I should say…



It has been how many years? I believe 3 isn’t it?

My, how the time flies. I can’t believe I am sitting here typing out words to a blog I started exactly 3 years ago this day. (yes, it’s our anniversary hu hu hu)


I honestly have to say though, I don’t even know why I decided to log into my blog today of all days. Coincidence I believe, but the fact that today was in fact a special day made me a little bit nostalgic.

I spent a good amount of time going over our previous blog posts, some of our favorites, and some of yours too.

It was depressing a little seeing how horrible I was with writing (not that I am any better now but I mean I should be right…?)
ehhhhhhh soooo what I wanted to say was…

There’s been some things I have to point out. Due to the difficulty of us communicating, the AFWWC is basically being run by just me (Raining chocolate) and not the others. It would be nice if the clan got together again but unfortunately we’re all a bit too busy  to invest enough time to make this a big part of our lives.

Just some…one person happens to be a bit more free with her schedule. (ahem)


Another thing is, I won’t be able to be as frequent as I used to be back in the days. Unfortunately, juggling school, work, and home is like performing a large circus all by my self. Sorry my lovely friends, but I am going to do the best I can.

Now you must be wondering; why is she back in the first place then?

Well, that is because of today. Well, not really today, but days like today, including today.

You see, although I did not post anything, I actually visited this blog every so often. And every time I come here, I sense all the memories flow out of this page; all the sweat and tears we (I should start saying I and me because I feel like I might confuse you) squeezed out of our systems in order to show our viewers the love we had for food and life. I remember the excitement over every single person who would click on my blog even read my post. What made me squeal with happiness was when someone clicked the like button. A star is like a thumbs up, a seal of approval from another. I knew my posts sometimes jumped from place to place. I knew some of my sentences did not make any sense, and the meaning I was trying to convey actually was a bit fuzzy on the end. But the fact that even with all my imperfections, someone liked my post enough to spend the time reading my words, looking at my pictures, and clicking on the star. For all newbies in this world, you know what I am talking about.


I missed that feeling.

It’s like that one feeling you get when you’re waiting for that one person you have a thing with to text you back and you finally get it. Except for me, I don’t know who that person is. Well… to think about it, I guess it’s a lot more different. But the feeling is exactly the same. I know.

My life has been so routine that I had no space in my schedule for any emotion to fit in- the good and the bad. It’s almost become like water: necessary but not desiring, plain, clear, not ugly, not pretty, nothing.


I had no flavoring, no coloring, no carbon dioxide to give it a kick, no heat to burn my tongue, no ice to cool my throat. There was nothing to life but just a plain ol’-necessary for life- water. I needed something more that just simple water. Even if it may be just a grain of sugar, or a cubic mm of ice, I decided to give up a portion of my life to be able to do something that will help me. And that is this. Blogging.

I may not be a talented writer. I may not have great things to talk about. I may sound crazy or weird. But I speak from my heart and mind. I write what goes on in my head. I want to show you that I am me, and I can open up the “me” inside, and give myself to your hands.

Although this started off as a food-to-novel blog, I decided to open up to more than just that. I may be speaking more about food than anything else, I want to be able to talk about life, about comedy, about beauty, about random stuff, about the world.


So, I would like to say that this will be my first step into a minty and refreshing start of my “new” life. Thanks guys for being here for me.


Hwaiting! (Talking to myself…again)

-Raining Chocolate


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