Sickness is SOOO last year

Put your hands up if you were annoyed at the timing in which you got sick.

Ok that’s about… all of you.

You know, I feel like being sick is the worst thing that can happen. It usually puts me in a dilemma, or just in the worst situation ever. Timing wise- horrific.

I used to not get sick at all. Most of the time, it was once every two years or so, a big flu that attacks and goes away. It was never of much significance because I was young, school wasn’t hard to catch up, and I usually had my mom check up on me every hour. Now, I get it frequently, light colds, but with the tendency to drag along for a very long time. A day of school missed is basically worth 3 days to catch up on my own. So I can’t miss a lot of school, and I try not to, but sometimes, I feel like the timing is just…perfect. It seemed like every time I got sick, a class had the longest amount of notes, or a pop quiz, or a test, or an important discussion. If only I could choose a day on my own to get sick, I would go for the days we don’t do anything.

When you’re sick, nothing appeals to you, except sleep. Which is bad because abnormal eating causes stomach ulcer. Yet nothing tastes right, and a slight discomfort in food flavor will take you running for the toilet, hand at mouth. So what should you do?

I usually don’t have the energy nor the will to chew food well, so most of it will be not be digested well. Oily food is a big no no; the texture of oil in my mouth usually is the big factor in my stomach acting up. Sickness usually results in weird taste buds, most food seems either too sweet or salty, or just bland. It can’t be too heavy for a sick person’s stomach is extremely sensitive.

What my mom would do is make porridge. She got cooked rice, put it in a pot with a lot of water, and boiled it. Stirring it often so that the rice would not stick, she would add finely chopped vegetables, add a pinch of salt, and a bit of pepper. When all of the water was absorbed by the rice and it became porridge, she would pour it in a bowl and hand it to me. It was a great way for me to regain my taste buds and my appetite.

Another way to fill a sick stomach is a traditional drink that is well known in Korea for curing the cold is the Steamed Honey Asian Pear. What you do is you cut the pear open and scoop the insides out like when you carve a pumpkin for Halloween. Then you place some ginger, dates, pine nuts, which are all specially helpful for the cold and the flu.

You then pour some honey in it, depending on your style, about 1-2 tablespoons. Place the lid of the pear back on, and steam. If you don’t have a steamer, you can use a regular pot, filled with water, place a metal steam tray, and put a ceramic bowl with the pear inside. You let it steam for about 3 hours at a low fire. After it is done, the pear skin will be peeling. Peel off the excess skin, mash up the pear with the extract and the healthy foods, and eat! At first, it was extremely sweet and couldn’t finish it, but it is a medicine that also fills the stomach. If  you put less honey, it will be less sweeter and more easier to consume.

There are so much more to help a cure a very annoying, not-even-part-of-the-trend sickness, but for time sake, I’ll stop here. Because I know how it feels to be sick, I can testify that without these two, I wouldn’t have survived.

Of course, that is along with some comedies and comfy beds~

-Raining Chocolate

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