Breaking the Barriers

As time goes by, there is one point where everything clashes together and you just want to give up. There is a point in time where everything piles up inside you and you feel the lid about to explode in your mind. That point was now.

PicMonkey Collage

Yet… deep inside me, I had the urge to want to do something as cool, as memorable, as this. Although at the moment, all I want is for summer to come, for limitless slumber, for unscheduled days, to be able to go eat wherever I want. But will I not regret it?

However, there’s the other side of my brain that questions this. What if I get embarrassed? What if, like the other one, it will become ultimate failure and wasn’t worth the try? Do I really need to go through the process of being embarrassed?

Now THAT is a big barrier. I don’t get this thought often, but when it hits me, it builds up, stays strong, and I tend to move away, towards another road that is open.

There is a big barrier, that must mean this is the wrong road. That was the thought I got most of the times, being a hypocrite, yes I am. I tell the world to break the barrier, yet when it comes to me, I do the opposite. And that is going to change. A thought came into mind, wondering what would have happened if I had just climbed over that boulder, as hard and risky as it is, and how my life would have been different. Would it have been far easier, more exciting, less stressful as it is now? Or would it have had no difference at all? Maybe it would have been worse.

The fact is, that no one knows. And that is the reason why I should have tried my best to go through to find out. So I am going to try, to go through that barrier. Small steps, yes, but better than turning away from what could have happened, theorizing the possibilities over that boulder.

Anyways, so here I was, climbing over the boulder, and I actually had fun doing it! It may have taken me a while (actually a long while…I guess the boulder was a mountain after all 🙂 ) my finished product was, I feel, a success. I have a bunch of scrapbook supplies, along with a mini shopping at a cute little Japanese store, and threw them all on one spot, basically taking over 4/5 of the 6 people dining table.

I started off with a small poster, to advertise my project, with the information about it. I thought if I make the poster handmade and cute, it would be more appealing than just a boring computer made poster. It’s a fresh start no?


Honestly, I think the little kid screaming out is the cutest thing ever, even though I made it. 🙂 I can totally imagine myself doing that in front of a big crowd in the middle of school, during a passing period, waving a bunch of cards around for people to see.

Surprisingly enough, this took me quite a while, because I had to go through the process of thinking what my poster should look like, the theme, the design, the colors, and then what should I write in it, how should I express what I want to write, and such. I had limited amount of paper at that time because I hadn’t gone shopping yet, so I couldn’t go all out and crazy with the design and such and used mostly leftover scraps that I had from past projects. But even still, I feel like this is a lot cuter and gives the same feel as when you make dinner off of whatever is left in the refrigerator the night before grocery shopping. Self complimenting overboard.

And you know what I felt was the hardest thing to do? To try to think what should I do to attract customers, to appeal to people to buy a handmade card made by a high school student. I tried to compare it to the grams that the school orchestra, choir, and such sell, and tried to what I will make. Of course it will be a lot more cuter and detailed because I am not making 1000 copies for the whole school, and by having it limited to 3 per month, I thought it will make people want to buy it before it runs out. And that allows me to not stress out about making a bajillion cards all different and special. I also added the scratch off prizes because what fun without prizes? Plus prizes that are secret, special, and ooh, lucky! Out of the three handmade scratch off circles, one is a big special prize, and it all depends on that person to choose the right circle!!! Isn’t it exciting?

scratch off

So then later on during the crazy AP testing season, I decided to go shopping for supplies to make the cards itself. Because I am pretty low on budget, I went to Daiso,  a Japanese version of Dollar Tree, but with A LOT more cuter stuff, definitely perfect for a scrapbooker like me. Everything unless posted is $1.50 so the prices aren’t as rough, but it’s not in big quantities like usual stores. I did end up spending about $30 but hey, it was definitely worth it. I had so much fun scanning every corner of the store, grabbing stuff that looks good, putting a lot more down, then grabbing some more. You know how it goes.

I looked at a lot of DIY cards at different websites, and I got some ideas for my own cards, though I cannot follow the professionals’ footsteps perfectly. But I did get some good ideas from them, which helped me create my first card, which I am pretty proud of. It’s a more lovely theme, simple, yet cute, and the surprise thing is, it’s origin was an unused Christmas card.

card 1

While I was looking for my colored markers, I ran across a pile of these cards, still wrapped in their plastic cases, wanting to be used. I bought this because I thought it was cute, but never had a chance to use it. I thought, well how am I going to use this? It has bows and a 3D heart in it. But then I had an idea. I pulled off the ribbon and cut out a cute origami paper in the exact size and shape of the front. The heart took a while because it didn’t have a corner, it was hard to measure the exact proportions of the heart itself. I had to cut about 3 times to make it reasonable. :b I added some cute taping to make it a bit more cute, and add a mini envelope and bam! Cuteness is back on track.

heart coer

Then I made a kind of frame for the words to be written beautifully, to cover up the “Merry Christmas”portion, but look cute at the same time.

inside heart

Add a little fluffy heart in the corner equals more cuteness~~~ Hahaha

The back was the easy part. I just added a layer of paper to cover the card brand and such, and added the three scratch off circles. Just the circles itself was a bit boring so I decided to add pop-up shapes above each circle. I bought this little clamp that you can put shapes, clamp on a piece of paper and you get a pop-up! It was so cool I HAD to get it. Haha. But it does make it more cute~ Of course the shapes have nothing to do with the prizes inside, actually I don’t even remember what I wrote on each of them.  I’ m just going to bring all my prizes, and I’ll just pull out whatever is written in there 🙂

back heart

Then I used another Christmas card, to make one a bit more, on the vintage side. It went from a plain old snowman 14 x14 card…

snowman card

to this!

snowman cover  snowman inside  butt of snowman

I was thinking of the mobiles on top of baby carriages when I made the inside. A little dangling note, or maybe a song, a quote, whatever it may be, its a cute surprise isn’t it? And the front cover is like a 3D frame that I can put a picture, a phrase, a song, a drawing, whatever. Get creative you know? It’s like a combination of wild and vintage, simple yet strong. I especially like the cover though~~~

The third one was a bit hard to think of. I basically made everything I can think of, poured out all my ideas into the two, but I felt like two wasn’t enough. But what to do? After many days of digging, researching, walking around, pounding my head on the table (not really), staring at certain spots on the wall (also not true), I found a good one.

The first was very feminine, the second was neutral, but I did not have a manly card. And to keep it male and cute, I decided to go origami style.

basic paper

Think of it like I was making a set of clothing. I got two pieces of cute paper that looked good together, and chose one to be the shirt and the other to be a necktie. Yes, I was making a y-shirt. 🙂

I made it so that the shirt itself was the cover and the back of a card, and the inside of the shirt the part where you write. Of course, it’s a personalized letter so they can write in the outside too if they want. It’s just leaving open doors for creativity to flow~

shirt front shirt back shirt inside

It is a weird concept yes, to use origami as a card, but I thought it might be interesting. It’s a cute card, and unlike the others, the design is special, not just a rectangle card, but a shirt, which makes it all the more fun.

Making the cards was buckets of sweat and mind workout, along with a lot of patience, but it was like a massage. At the moment, it’s hard, but afterwards, I realized that I had fun doing it, and it took away a lot of the stress that was piled up inside me. I’m proud of myself for doing this and I really think it gave me a lot more ideas to make for other special occasions. Hey, you never know, I may end up starting my own business. (I’m not  sure if it will be anytime soon but you know~~~) All I want at the moment though, is for me to get three customers. Just three. 🙂

Cheer for me!

-Raining Chocolate

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