Poetry Month- The end

Yesterday was the mark of the end of Poetry month.

I’m sure you all probably didn’t even know there was such thing as a poetry month, I know, I’ve been there.

Ever since eighth grade, I started to like poetry a lot more than usual, keeping a notebook of my own set of poems.

I mean, you have to agree- poetry is way better than essays.

So as a final goodbye to the short poetry month that I had no real time to enjoy, here is a poem for you to check out.

All great things have a late ending, why can’t we push this one back a bit?



I remember

Sitting on my mother’s lap, laying on her chest, feeling her heart beat

breathing at the same tempo.

I remember

Singing along with my friends to the music in the classroom, crying for each other

taking naps together

I remember

Doing arts and crafts with my mom and dad, making new friends, getting new teachers

learning how to write my own name

I remember

Taking my first test, being in my first fight, getting my first betrayal

seeing a new world

I remember

Failing a quiz, failing a test, failing a class

failing in the so called “life”

I would remember

My first impression of college, my first date, being proposed

watching my parents shed tears as I stand in my white dress

I would remember

My first baby, my love for her, my love for him

knowing I would die for them

I would remember

Her first period, his first soccer game, their first acne

my first 30th birthday

I would remember

His first break up, her first make up, their first car

my first grey hair

I would remember

Their first college letter, their first job application, their marriage

my first step away from them

I would remember

Their tears, their caring hands entwined with mine, our happy memories, our love

my smile as I sad the last words:

“I love you”

-Raining Chocolate


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