The Truth Behind the End

Truth is…

The end is the behind.

Hahaha I’m just kidding.

But seriously, you’ve all heard of the phrase “Each end is a new beginning.”

I just wanted to dig deeper into it, seeing that I am about to finish a book myself.

Let’s just see where it leads me to.

I always believed in that. There is no end, no finish, no el fin. But if you look in the other mirror, there is no beginning either. Yes, many might see your birth as the beginning, but what about the sperm and the egg that made you?  That makes you one of mom and dad, but what about the sperm and eggs that made them? It just keeps going on- that’s why its called the family tree, though not a great expression. I want to call it… the circle of life.

Sorry for my Lion King-ness behavior, I recently watched it for memory sake and it was good~

Anyways, going back to my train of thoughts.

When someone says “every end is a new beginning”, I just imagine a person whose about to finish a race, feeling triumphant, feeling proud, and ready to slam into the soft mattress for hours, then right after receiving a trophy, is sent to another race.

In other words, tiring.

Oy. But think of it this way. Every start is an open door to a whole new beginning. Every time you start something, you expect an outcome, another part of life, whether it be of fame, of money, of happiness, of depression, of loss, of equality, of something gained, of something lost.

No beginning is great, it just depends on if you are actually making the right choices, and if you are looking on the right side of the coin. You could have made it to the the state championships, but lost by a second or a point. You could be regretting that, being depressed, being angry at that person and at yourself. Or you could look at it this way. You beat the heck out of most people in this county. You ran with someone who might later on be in the Olympics.

Now if you want to talk about it in the eyes of a food-a-holic…

Every meal is a chance for one to experience a whole new world. Of flavor, spice, feelings, heart, mixes, mashes, hints of this and that, of scratch, and of recipe.

And that my lovely chickeneers, is why I love to go to different restaurants. I mean, no matter how delicious, you can’t just go to one place and eat one food every single day. You get tired after a while. I mean I am a type of person who doesn’t get tired of stuff easily. I was pretty happy the 3 years of spam and egg musubi for lunch in my early years.

BUT STILL! As many of my lovely followers know, I love different things, going to the other side of the road, looking behind the plastered wall, etc. And every time someone asks me where I would like to eat, although many of my favorite restaurants flood into my mind, I push them aside and point at a random restaurant, and I drag my friends to try something new. Of course, not all choices are great and many have led me to issues such as frequent trips to the bathroom, throwing up, digestive issues, and stomach ulcers, I look on the positive side. Because I do this, I find the small hidden places that no one has ever been to, where food is amazing, service is even better, and the atmosphere tops it off. And I feel proud of that. I feel like that one person who was the first to find gold in California before everyone rushed in to scrape it all off.

So, as you can see, there is no limitations to a life, a story, a thing. Whoever found the infinity sign, we need to give him more credit that he got, because let’s face it. Infinity is everything. Literally, everything.

-Raining Chocolate


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