Simple Yet Filling- Power of Food

Walking home from school- starving like crazy, and I open the fridge to see a welcoming (not) shiny green apple.

This apple aint gonna do nothing for my stomach. At all.

Ya feel?

What is it that I want? Not so big because I’m going to have dinner soon, but not so small as an apple because if I had to eat an apple, I would probably eat more like 10. Which is not so good.

I feel this way about my life after school, but how would the people during the dust bowl feel, working for 5 cents an hour, sometimes 2 and a half, and get nothing but fried dough for a meal? Ugh, I would not be able to survive.

Although fried dough is pretty good~ I mean, come on. It’s literally doughnuts. Just no sugar.


Oh, ahem.

ANYWAYS surviving on just fried dough is just a bit too much oil…


I was thinking, what if I could find a way for them to get a dollar amount (at that time) and make something that is good and also filling?


Well according to Grapes of Wrath, a dollar’s worth is about 2lbs of meat, one loaf of bread, 5lbs of potatoes, and some coffee.

The mom just fried everything up and gave it to them, but that’s no good flavor wise nor light on the stomach. I would definitely have some issues in the bathroom if I was one of them.

Now that’s not a pleasant thought no?

How about this? First chop up the potatoes into nice small pieces the size of your big toe, and throw them in the pan with oil. Stir for a bit and when it’s a bit cooked, lower the heat, pour some water, cover, and let it sit for a while.

Then throw in the meat. Because most meat is ground up at the time, for slices are expensive, it will be easy to mash them up and spread them a bit more. Stir fry the meat with the well cooked potatoes, making sure it is evenly spread, no uneven chunks.

Now they were in a peach ranch, picking peaches. So eating peaches that fell off, or that are bruised will be fine. So if I were them I would grab a couple of bruised peaches (of course not publicly or else I might get kicked out for stealing “fine peaches”) and make what I call butter substitute. I mean bread goes well with butter but they are mighty expensive unless I made them myself with milk and salt, which is also possible.

So get some peaches, peel them nice and clean, remove seed and the red hard stuff in the middle, and chop. Mash. Grind. Make them mushed well. They will be naturally sweet- unless there is the spare change for some sugar to add.

Of course, spoons and knives are great mashing tools also.

Anyways, so there you go.

Grab a slice of bread, top it off with some of my masterpiece I would like to call Heaven on Budget, top it off with a drizzle of Peachgalore, and a nice cup of steaming coffee. Great way to end a day.

Hey, why don’t you try it out? Tell me how it goes with y’all~

-Raining Chocolate


2 thoughts on “Simple Yet Filling- Power of Food

  1. That’s pretty funny. Too bad the Joads aren’t as resourceful as you, right? Haha. Plus, if you were featured in Steinbeck’s book you probably would have died earlier on from a mosquito bite or something since he likes killing people and that stuff. hahah

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