What is Life

Every fifteen minutes, a teenager dies from a car accident due to drunk driving.

Every 4 seconds, a baby is born.

Every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide.

The chances of dying of old age are slim, yet the people choose to decrease that chance by harming themselves. Putting their life into danger, into a thin rope, balancing, about to fall into the never ending darkness- what is often called death.

Why would anyone do that?



*Notice: When I say you I don’t literally mean you as in my lovely chickeneers*

However, some are not choices. In reading the Grapes of Wrath, I was led to a part where Grampa Joad died during the road trip, later on leading to Grandma Joad’s death. They had been taken away their land, what was rightfully theirs, and was forced to travel to California, some foreign place that they can never call home. They were, basically, taken their life so they had no reason for life.

So they say.


How would you know?

What if, in just a couple of days, they would be greeted with the most beautiful great grandchild? What if, the day after tomorrow there will be a surprise party held for you? What if your true love is waiting for you when you’re 24?

How do you know your life is going to stay that way, why would you think that, why do you feel that life away from life is far better than life itself?

What do you know about life?

There may be times when life leads you to a tunnel, but on the other side is light, brighter than it was before. That is life. It leads you to a dark, hard time, so when you get out, everything is far more beautiful and more appreciative than before.

It all depends on how you will get there.

We are in control of the train, of the car. If you speed through it, following the tracks to where it leads you, accepting the turns and twists it leads you to, the light will come fast. If you try to “cheat” your way to the “shortcuts”, you will be driving on that tunnel for a very long time. However, if you are impatient or think about the right now, you might stop the car all together.

You have the choice, you know the consequences, but how come you give in so easily to what you feel is the “easiest”?

I may be young, but I have been told by many that I am very mature for my age. I know the consequences for the actions that I might make, what turns lead to what road, what is sugar coated and what is flat out truth. I know enough to treasure my life, although there were times that caused many permanent scars, that does not make me who I am.

Scars are scars, lives are lives. Laugh it off like it is an old memory. Because it is. Every little memory, good or bad, is a memory to treasure and keep. Because time is a great remedy.

So guys. Lift your head up. Look at the beautiful life you are in. Look towards the more beautiful it will lead you.

Don’t try to lead yourself to the most “comfortable” least painful road. Because it is all a lie. Those roads are the least comfortable and the most painful.

Be happy stay happy, follow life!

-Raining Chocolate



2 thoughts on “What is Life

  1. Nice post about life and tying it in to what we’re learning in class. Life is so very fragile, especially how a fellow student of ours passed away not too long ago. I agree that we need to treasure our life every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year. It’s so hard even for me because I can take it for granted. I don’t seize the day everyday like I should. It’s hard to get into that mindset when every day goes by so dull and usual like all those hours sitting in class. But today is a new day. I will look at today in a new positive light, and I will make it the day I want it to be. i will make it into a great day, your post just made me remembered, that it’s all on how you look at things that determines your day. Thanks, stay true and have a great day!

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