Aglio Et Olio

A true chef knows that the simpler the pasta, the harder it is to make. Pastas such as Aglio Et Olio and Vongole are essentially considered “nude”, every layer of coating peeled away to show its true flavor. They are not to be considered easy, for a small mistake can be known just by the look or taste. Why is it so- they don’t have the strong flavors of tomato sauce or cream to coat the pasta, which easily covers up the poor quality spent making it. It doesn’t take much effort to make a red spaghetti, just boil the pasta, throw it in a pan, add some sauce, and mix a bit and voila, there it is. However, for the “naked pastas”, they need a perfect ratio of oil to garlic, well boiled pastas that are not over nor under cooked, thrown into the pan at an even temperature, a clean, healthy batch of whatever goes with it (clams, vegetables, steak, etc), with a perfect timing to pour a bit of the carefully chosen wine to enrich the flavor. If one thing or process is missing or not perfected, the whole pasta is messed up. A small mistake has a great impact on these types of pastas.


Not only are there “naked pastas”, there are “naked tests”.

As you all know, tests are the most significant part of school life. Of course, grade wise. High school is a very important stepping stone into the world of College, and also the stage in a school life with the most amount of tests given and taken.


But the thing is, they are not the “naked tests”.

That is the positive part of a normal high school test. There are many other tests to come for you to make up if you fail one. However, there are some tests that are not quite that easy.

SATs are every high school students’ nightmare. To have to sit and work for 3 and half hours is a lot. To have to study for that is another week’s worth of hours. It’s not that easy to take it again and again and again, for there aren’t SAT testing days every month. Not only is it hard to study for, it is the most significant part of your high school credits- the higher the testing grade, the better your chance of being accepted to the college of your choice.


Now THIS, is a “naked test”.

SAT: Stress Above-average  Test

Let me give you a overly exaggerated, yet pretty true in a way diagram.


Good grade in SAT -> go to Harvard -> get a high wage job -> be rich -> live comfortably in a mansion with waiters feeding you grapes while you lie down and enjoy the Caribbean view.



Bad score in SAT -> don’t go to college -> work 3, 8 hour shifts at McDonalds, Burger King, and as a janitor of a very ghetto high school -> live in the slumps and eat 3 happy meals a day.


(ignore the burger king logo in the bottom but hey, they all look the same)

Over exaggerated much?

Yes, but it shows the importance of SATs. Although now they are turning the SATs from a 2400 scale to a 1600 so the focus for colleges will slowly turn towards the school grades, that isn’t until two years from now, and at the moment, I feel as stressed as every Junior in high school would feel.

Stressed out. FREAKING OUT!!!

I really want to know my score… :s


One cannot live with red spaghetti alone, unless you want to be fooled by the layers it has. Go ahead, try mastering the Aglio Et Olio. One thing I will promise though, it takes time, patience, skill, focus, and the heart.

Lets go Chickeneers.

-Raining Chocolate

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