Dust Bowl for Breakfast

Anyone not a breakfast person?


Hahaha well that isn’t really something I should be proud of, considering breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. But hey, what can I say, my stomach is a muscle. And muscles stretch well when worked out.

Anyways, so here I was, starting off the second semester of junior year, reading a classic about the life during the dust bowl.

Did you  guess the title yet?

Yes, the Grapes of Wrath.

Although I’m only on chapter 6, I can tell you this.

It’s hot in there.

As in just reading the words from the book makes my body heat up in slight annoyance, each words that mean everything but cool and refreshing.

Like a steaming hot bowl of plain oatmeal.

Yes, I’m sure there are millions of people in the world who love a nice bowl of oatmeal. And I’m not being all segregating about food or anything, I just have a point. It’s plain, it’s simple, it’s kind of boring, and it’s… sticky.

Let me tell you something. Reading four chapters of plain descriptions about sweaty, hot, dry, life in the midst of a huge land of never ending dead crops is a bit depressing. Although it does have interesting descriptions about life during the Dust Bowl (which is a subject I love to know about) the storytelling is, how would you call it, bland.

Like tofu.

I’m telling you, I love Steinbeck. His book The Pearl captured me like the first bite of tteokbokki. The way he described the setting, the way he set up the plot, it was amazing. I was pretty excited to read about this book because it was written by an amazing author, and because it’s a classic, known by almost all of mankind who reads English.

But the book, so far that is, is flavorless, healthy as in having all the nutrients of a great Dust Bowl story, but not that exciting to eat alone.

Hey, maybe it’s just the beginning, and the book is actually amazing. If I change my mind about the book, I’ll probably rant on about how good it is and how it made me feel like I was on a food course at a fancy restaurant in France.

We’ll see~

Till then, I will cross my fingers in hopes of a well beautiful dish waiting for me on the other side 🙂

Wish me luck~~~

-Raining Chocolate

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