Fill My Hunger

12 O’Clock, sitting in front of my computer, my eyes can’t stop turning towards the kitchen, my stomach begging me for something to eat. The angel on my right side reminded me of my weight, that each kg lost is 1/2 a foot closer to my goal jump. The devil on my left was telling me of the satisfaction that I will get when I fill my stomach with the goodies.

photo (1)


Hungry, but it’s too late, but food…………..

What would you do?

I mean, I did a post on how to make yourself be not hungry, but then again, how can we follow that EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I feel like school life is just the same. I come home, and my dark side tells me that I have time, I can catch up on my k drama  that I’m so behind on, and can relieve my stress, you know, keep myself from thinking towards an extreme. Then there’s that good part of me that tells me I can do all my homework and sleep early so I won’t wake up early looking like a zombie.

wake up look

But being a crazy fan girl that I am, I can’t help but watch one episode of Reply 1994. What can I say, I can’t resist my love~

Choosing between food and health, between drama and sleep, its hard. Sometimes, I have that urge to sit down and work on my homework right when I get home. Like today. But other days, I get so depressed and tired I really want to quit everything, so I turn on the tv and my life turns around. After an hour, I can get to my homework happily without being sad, for in my mind, there was a clear image of that handsome man.

Yes, I am a girl.


You know, just because leaving the homework for a bit later and doing something that makes you happy will mean less sleep and being tired the next day, one can’t live a robotic life that revolves solely on school, food, homework, sleep, study. You might say it will lead to a “brighter future”, if you want to put it that way. But will it really? Will you REALLY be happy if you don’t know how to be happy and enjoy life?

I don’t think so.

It is very important to do well in school, in your job, doing your best, but it’s also important to be happy. Being happy means being healthy, and that’s something scientifically and through experience, proven. Many of my friends are my so called “workbots” and you can definitely see in their faces, there is not a light that goes through it. They’re like a cement brick, no water, no light, no life, can penetrate those thick walls of work, work, work, work, work. Scientists proved that doing things that make you happy, smile, laugh, releases endorphin which gives you energy, and keeps your body healthy.


Just because you need to work hard doesn’t mean you can’t be happy, nor does being happy mean you can’t or doesn’t have to do work. You can be happy working hard, because between the days, you do something that makes you really happy.

Be Happy, Don’t worry!

-Raining Chocolate

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