Say Something

Sometimes, my brain gets the greatest ideas when I’m relaxed, watching a movie on my couch, cuddled up in blankets and pillows. But when I sit down to type out the words that I want to say to you guys, my mind just becomes… blank. A white piece of paper that was once furiously written, but somehow whited out, leaving no hint for me to find out what I was going to say.

So I sat down not to think of what to write, but what I do most, so that maybe talking about that will give me an idea.


I listen to music almost 24/7.

While I’m doing homework, while I’m driving to the shopping mall, while I’m at home doing nothing, while I’m laying in bed, trying to sleep. It’s something I do, something that is important to me, that makes me happy. It’s an adrenaline pumper to my soul, what excites me the most.

casette tape heart

Of course besides eating. But that’s another thing.

For now, allow me to show you my story, through music.

Those of you who are Kpop fans, you will enjoy this.

Those of you who are not, get ready to be enticed. 🙂

Let’s start with high school.

For those of you who went through it or are in it, you would understand. For those of you who don’t, well… I’ll just tell you this. Don’t be surprised when it becomes your reality, not my nightmare.

Four years of a loooooonnnnnggggg path that goes one way, in and out. There are many twists and turns, many detours here and there. For the average people like me, this is our story.

Although the translations aren’t as slick, it basically sums the average high school teenager’s life.

Not so good at tests, nor am I smart. Too much homework and tests to stress about, with a huge lack of sleep.

But hey, life is life, it goes on, there will be hills and mountains, but there isn’t a road that goes up but never goes down. Although it’s a struggle to climb a mountain, it gets exciting sliding down.

Let me tell you in words of food.

I …

am lazy.

I used to bake ALL the time, and would share with everyone, the excitement of making people smile from eating my work is amazing. Now I just don’t have the energy to do it, nor the will to go buy the ingredients.

So I never touched the oven. Or the frying pan to make pasta. Sad because I was getting the hang of the snapping motion.

But one day, I promised my friend that I would make snickerdoodles for her. What can I do? I had to do what I promised.

So I went to Target

Bought the ingredients

Turned on the oven

Mixed the ingredients

And baked it.


Oh did the house ever smell so wonderful. The smell of cinnamon and sugar floated around the house, filling the area with happiness. Literally. My whole family was waiting with anticipation we haven’t had for months, for me to open the oven door and pull out the fresh batch of goodness. I haven’t been so happy ever since. Although it sucked to have to go drive all the way to Target and buy the stuff and make the batch, the result was a happy family. And later on a happy friend. (Friends because I made an excessive amount due the adrenaline I got from making a batch.)

Now of course I say this but it doesn’t mean they always work out. The ups seem to take forever and we end up taking a different road which seemed easier but end up being the same. But its high school.

Some roads might turn out to be the same, or it might not. I feel like I will never know until that moment comes to me where I miss my high school life, and think back to the things I did in high school. However, right now, I am a high school student, and thus I am struggling. But songs like this from Shinee keeps me going, encourages me to keep going on.

Maybe I should be a singer no?

mic and such


-Raining Chocolate

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