Power Poetry

Definitely something to check out!

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Above Reality


The sound of heartbeats

like a drum inside of you

in which allows you

to inhale and to exhale

the air of the earth.


If there was such thing as music in the form of writing, I would definitely consider poetry as one style of music.

The flow of words, the measures, it all collaborates into a beautiful harmony that expresses emotions that a reader can feel.

It’s like watching a movie, where this scene makes you laugh, cry, scream, or even give you a tingling feeling from deep below, a slight tightness in the heart, in a good way.

Now let me introduce you to an amazing website.

Power Poetry is not just a website where a bunch of people gather to write poetry.

It’s a place where teenagers have a chance to show the world their power of writing, their artistic powers. It is a poetry…

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