All American Gatsby

What is the most stereotypical term for an american?


Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that all Americans are obese. In fact, a lot of Americans are quite fit. However, it is fact that 33% of America is obese. Why is this so?


When I say greed, a lot of people think of money. Yes that is one big greed, however, even food or other small things can be a greed. I think to call greed as obesity may not be a wrong term. Just because you’re obese doesn’t always have to be that you’re fat. In fact, let’s look at it in the terms of a great classic, Great Gatsby.

When I first read the book, I was stuck in a dilemma. I was  a mixture of love and anger, angry at the characters, in love with the book. The story was amazing, nothing like I had expected. However, there were many times in the book where I dropped the book and screamed at the characters. The stupidity and obesity was too great for me to handle.


Let me show you a few of what made me almost rip the book in half in anger.

The book first introduces Gatsby as a man unlike everyone else. In chapter 3, Nick notices that “No one swooned backward on Gatsby, and no French bob formed with Gatsby’s shoulder, and no singing quartets were formed with Gatsby’s head for one link.” This gave me the image of a man in position and character that no one would try to step into his private circle. I would have never thought he was an obese pig of his own.

Gatsby is in love with a rich beauty, a “beautiful fool” named Daisy. After going to the war, he found out that she was married to another man. But that didn’t stop him from trying to get her. So for 5 years, he collected money through businesses legal and illegal, to get enough money to pretend he was born a rich, and held crazy parties to try to attract her eyes.

The stupid thing is that when they meet, although she is married and has a daughter, she still falls for him, not really because of his character, but for his, you know, bling bling, ca-ching, ca-ching.

“That huge place there?”

“I love it”

“They’re such beautiful shirts…I’ve never seen such beautiful shirts before”


How can she just turn to Gatsby so easily like that? How can she just forget about her family in an instant that she saw the house? It’s kind of shocking. But then again, she had loved him since the beginning so I guess there is a reason to it. This can be a bit accepting, but then there was the end.

“I never loved him”

“I did love him once- but I loved you too”

“I can’t say I never loved Tom”


To love one but the other, to want one and the other at the same time. Who to choose? One who loved her for 5 years, or the one who stuck with her and cared for her, who created a beautiful child with her. She wanted Gatsby because he revolved his life around her, because he looked only at her while Tom married her and loved her but cheated on her.

Yes Tom is cheating with  Myrtle, who is also cheating on her husband Wilson.

Mind exploding no?

One would say she should just go to Gatsby, but they don’t understand that he is a total liar. He made up his life, he told her he was born rich, when he is actually dead poor, who ran away and changed his name, who with the help of a 50 year old sailor and a Jew businessman who smelled of money from meters away. He did not want Daisy as she was at the moment, he wanted their relationship to be exactly like it used to be 5 years earlier. He was an obese person, who wanted more than  was given to him.

Tom thought that Daisy was a stupid fool, which of course she was, but he married her so he should have tried to love her with all his heart, but he took that and turned to another woman, who also believed that her husband was  a poor fool who “wasn’t fit to lick [her] shoe”.  They both lied to their respective married other and met up and partied. The ironic thing is that he didn’t even love her, because when she said Daisy, he punched her in the nose, which gave the obvious point that there was no love between the two, because if someone loved another, they would never hurt that person. The relationship between the two were merely a play, a game they would play to ignore their situation. Which is obviously the wrong way because this led to a chain of horrific actions.

Obesity comes with a price. In a normal case, it would be the amount of money to feed, the hospital fees, and at the worst, death.

In this case, it was a bunch of unhappy souls and a chain of deaths, leading to a life of uncomfortable truth hidden underneath the thick layer of fake happiness.

Although there may be different starts to this chain of events, there is one result. Because Gatsby wanted Daisy and Tom wanted Daisy also, because Tom did not like Gatsby, because Daisy was a stupid fool, because Myrtle did not like Wilson, because Wilson was insecure, because Nick did not want to talk, because Gatsby was blinded by love.

Gatsby and Daisy drove off, Myrtle was killed, Tom told Wilson who he thought killed her, Gatsby was killed, Tom and Daisy ran away, and Nick was left to take care of the rest, trying to recruit people to the funeral, where no one came except for one random stranger.

Although I love food, and I love talking about it, there is a limit to the love, a line I cannot cross. And when that line is crossed, you become part of obesity, a place that is hard to come out of. Gatsby, Tom, Daisy, and Myrtle all stepped over the line, and that came with a big price, it cost their lives or their lifelong guiltiness.

-Raining Chocolate

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