Back again


“Another day past, another day to come.” I finally understood why people told me that time flies. It felt like I was just a freshman and now I’m studying for SATs and people are asking for what college I’m thinking of applying to . It felt like it was just last week when I passed off this blog to my partner Cinnamon Roll while I went off to travel with my cousins. It felt like it was just yesterday when I woke up for my first day back to school. As I went through a robotic cycle of school, practice, homework, school, I didn’t notice that the time was passing, dates were changing, weather was getting colder. Now as I sit in front of my computer, with nothing to do for the first time in forever, I wonder how my chickeneers are.

How are you?

A long time passed since I last posted, and I’m sure I made all you followers wonder the question I asked myself.

Is this blog over?

Scrolling through the posts was like flipping through a picture book- so many memories contained in each post opened up to me. I smiled as I remembered the multiple times when I sit and type furiously about food, about books, and about how it relates to food. I felt the heat rush through me, as I remembered the comments of how my posts made them hungry, which made me happy because what’t more better than attracting hungry readers?

Although I may have lost a lot of the energy I had last year, and although I am given a new blog to work on, I decided, I am going to keep this alive. This blog made me excited to check my computer every day, to wonder if my readers liked my post, if my food pictures seem exciting as they were while I was typing. I may need to warm up a bit with small food quotes once in a while, but one day, my muscle memory will switch on and I will attack the battle of the food once more.

Until then, my soldiers, stay warm and hungry.

-Raining Chocolate

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