Eating Habits

Hello there chickeneers~ long time no talk eh? So I’ve been thinking of posting a while ago but due to my unexpectedly busy schedule, I had to push my posting till now~
To think about it, I had bought the DVD for Les Miserables and watched it. It wa quite a touching musical which impacted a lot of points. One point that touched me the most was the fact that people there would do anything for food and home- the two necessary things in life. A lot of you all know the importance of homes as you would feel when you come home from a long vacation, so I’ll touch on the food.

As summer started and I met up with my cousins to go on a tour round famous places in California and beyond, I found out how important food is. During the tour, our regular schedule was to wake up at 4 in the morning, and eat breakfast at 5. You’re probably thinking, how is she able to do such a thing? Well truth be told, it was had at first. I am normally a person who skip breakfast, but knowing that between then and lunch, there was going to be a lot going on so I decided I should at least force feed myself. Of course, I had to go through a lot to become as wise as that.

Remember how I had said that I used to not eat breakfast? Well because I’m a type of person who gets hungry often, I would eat something at 9, then a part of lunch at 11, and would eat the rest of lunch at, well, lunch time. When I get home, I’ll be tired and hungry because I used up all my energy at track, so I would eat dinner at 4. But I would be hungry by the time it was 7 so I would eat like a fruit or something. But this happened almost daily until I got a big problem.

One day, my stomach started to hurt A LOT. When I went to check with my doctor, she said that I had a minor stomach ulcer. Small or big, the fact is, I GOT A HOLE IN MY STOMACH!!!!!
For a couple of months, I couldn’t eat anything spicy (which is what I love to eat), nothing sour (so no fruits), and I have to eat food on time. Right at breakfast, right at lunch, and right at dinner. After a lot of pains and pills, I learned a great lesson. Food habits decided whether you were healthy or not. Almost life threatening if you ask me.

So now you know how important food habits are. Don’t treat your body like trash, treat your body like it’s the most important thing in your life because truth be told, without your body, how are you alive and walking right now?
-Raining Chocolate

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