5/31 Quote of the Day

I think that food ties us to our community and our traditions, and it’s the thing that makes us feel good and connected.

-Kathy Freston.

This, I know for sure is true. With food, you can connect with people and become closer, have a stronger relationship. Something about food just really ties things together well and makes you happy inside. At my house, we eat dinner at the table together, all four of us. Even though sometimes I feel like I’m too busy with homework and exams to eat dinner with the family, afterwards I feel better and happier. The dinner releases some of my stress and makes me take a break for studying for a while, as well as allow myself to have a daily chat with my family. As you can probably tell, my family’s pretty close. 🙂


Well, guys, this is my last quote of the month! Another admin is going to take over for the next month. 🙂 Thanks for reading our quotes and spending time with me, Chickeneers! Stay tuned!

-Cinnamon Roll. 

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