From the kitchen: Chilaquiles {Two Ways}

Thought this looked amazing and wanted to show y’all chickeneers~
-Raining Chocolate

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Yesterday I spent the afternoon with one of my oldest friends (we met in the 5th grade!) as she tutored me in the art of making Chilaquiles (chee•lah•kee•lez). My friend Melinda has been making this traditional Mexican dish for our group of girlfriends for years. It’s the perfect hangover food – cheesy, easy to make, and superbly delicious. Chilaquiles are typically made for breakfast using leftovers from last nights dinner. Stale tortillas are fried to a crisp then combined with meats, cheeses and salsas. As with many Mexican dishes, variation is common depending on the region and personal preferences. We deviated a bit from Melinda’s usual all cheese variety and made a smokey chipotle chicken as well as a chorizo scramble version. Both were ridiculously tasty, but I think I was partial to the chipotle adaptation. Smokey adobo sauce combined with tart whole tomatoes, crispy chips, and melty cheese is…

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